Web Sites

Mobile-friendly websites are a must for both public and internally facing applications.  DSI is skilled in the latest responsive web design with frameworks such as Bootstrap. As a Kentico Gold Certified Partner we implement sites from small to large that are easy to maintain while able to be highly customized. We also implement and customize Microsoft Sharepoint as an Intranet web delivery platform.


Combining DSI's skills in web design, data, and financial, we design and implement e-commerce applications of all sizes.  Our customers largest catalogs contain millions of SKU's, while others have a small number of specialized items to sell such as subscriptions. High quality search is often included through our extensive experience with the Lucene search engine.


Custom applications can optimize your business processes through a better match of operations to your key discriminators than you might get with off the shelf software alone.  DSI is a Microsoft certified .Net developer with skills in ASP.net (Webforms and MVC), WPF (Windows client applications) and browser-based (javascript) single page applications.  Our development methodology is Agile Scrum, keeping you involved from start to finish.


We have extensive and varied experience with Microsoft SQL server as a relational database.  We manage SQL server in many different types of applications such as ERP, CRM, Collaboration (such as Sharepoint), both on-premise and in the cloud.  We also integrate both SQL server and Oracle in custom applications, with sizes ranging up to Terabytes of data.


 Cloud Solutions

Cloud services are changing the nature of software every day.  From large multi-service platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services to storage solutions such as Dropbox, DSI has experience in provisioning, deploying and managing software in the cloud.  This can not only result in lower total costs (lower capital investment and ongoing maintenance costs) but provide capabilities not practical on-premise (such as secure sharing of large data to partners who are not employees).


Applications and data are being consumed increasingly by non-desktop workstations such as smartphones, tablets and all variations in between.  DSI offers off-the-shelf mobile applications as well as experience creating custom apps for Android, iOS and Windows devices.  Often paired with cloud-side services that offer advanced features, targeted mobile applications can offer large operational improvements.

Ask about our DroidClick platform for flexible inventory management!
Microsoft Certified Partner
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